Your visiting card left behind when you surf web

       Today we will talk about web surf. When we surf web then we assume that our activity is treated as an annonymious and our persional detail are secured but unfortunatelly you are wrong. Whenever you search any web or open any website on your browser then it left your visiting card. We left our IP address and from this IP address one can easily know about us. They know about our location and our computer also. So our information is not anonymus. How can we prevent our info?
      We can easily do this by using proxy sites. We can hide our IP from this method. We can also unblock various website which is restricted on network.
      The next post contain some proxy site and method to use them. So follow my blog and read next post to know more about proxy sites.
      Thanks for reading and don't forget to read nex post for know more about security..........

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