How to prevent ourself from use of proxy sites

      In previous post we talk about various proxy sites. If you didn't read that post then I request you to read previous post to learn more.
     In this post I will talk about problems and prevention from these problems.
The problem arise when someone is using proxy sites to avoid the consequences of engaging in criminal, disruptive or socially unacceptable behavior online.
     We can prevent ourself from these type of persons. The steps of prevention is given bellow-

• Donot respond to mails that look suspiscious.
• Never trust mails that mention you have won money or that a victim needs financial help.
• Be careful about who you chat with online and what you disclose about yourself.

     In next post we will learn more about security tips. So stay with us and follow my blog.
  Thanks for reading this post. Please read next post to learn more about security...

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