How to know email sender's location

       I will tell you how to search email sender's location in this post. Many time we get some email which comes under categary of crime. For example, someone can send us an email which contain some wrong content. since we don't know that person so we generally avoid these things but now we can know there location.
     The location of email sender's can be know with their IP. This IP can obtain from email header. From this IP we can know all information about sender.
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How to open restricted site in network

        Today we will learn a method to open restricted sites in network. There can be set a firewall which block certain sites to open in network. For example, in many schools facebook is banned. We can open these site also.
     To open restricted sites we have to use proxy sites. From these proxy site we can easily bypass the firewall. For proxy sites you can read my previous posts. However you have to be careful to use proxy sites. The protection tips is given into preveious post. Please read them.
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How to prevent ourself from use of proxy sites

      In previous post we talk about various proxy sites. If you didn't read that post then I request you to read previous post to learn more.
     In this post I will talk about problems and prevention from these problems.
The problem arise when someone is using proxy sites to avoid the consequences of engaging in criminal, disruptive or socially unacceptable behavior online.
     We can prevent ourself from these type of persons. The steps of prevention is given bellow-

• Donot respond to mails that look suspiscious.
• Never trust mails that mention you have won money or that a victim needs financial help.
• Be careful about who you chat with online and what you disclose about yourself.

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How to use Proxy Sites

      In previous post we talk about IP prevention method and use of proxy site. If you didn't read that post then please read previous post first.
    Proxt sites are good tool to hide your IP address. Here two most popular proxy sites are given. You can use them to hide your IP address.

    In next post we deal about various problem comes in use of proxy sites and how we prevent ourself from these problems. So please stay with us and read next post also.
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Your visiting card left behind when you surf web

       Today we will talk about web surf. When we surf web then we assume that our activity is treated as an annonymious and our persional detail are secured but unfortunatelly you are wrong. Whenever you search any web or open any website on your browser then it left your visiting card. We left our IP address and from this IP address one can easily know about us. They know about our location and our computer also. So our information is not anonymus. How can we prevent our info?
      We can easily do this by using proxy sites. We can hide our IP from this method. We can also unblock various website which is restricted on network.
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Security Updates

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                            To make more seccure, update your security features of PC and phones. Its essential part of security.

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