My pc is infected with wscript.exe virus My pc is infected with wscript.exe, i found this by installing malwarebytes. I was unable to update windows. Even shortcuts are forming in pendrives. I cannot access msconfig.exe and other programs in normal mode.Kindly help to remove the virus. answer By looking at wscript.exe we can't say anything about virus. Reply with the name of virus that Malwarebytes detected (maybe its in Quarantine of Malwarebytes). As for your system problems (msconfig and shortcuts) I would recommend you to first download Microsoft Safety Scanner & Kaspersky Removal Tool 2011 in another uninfected PC, copy them in pen drive, start your infected PC in safe mode ( How to start Windows in Safe Mode ), plug in your pen drive and first scan with Safety Scanner then Kaspersky one (scanning with two scanners decrease chances of leftovers). After this scan your PC should be clean. Do a SFC scan to repair system error that maybe caused by virus: 1.Click on Start. 2.Type "command". 3.From the list right click on "Command Prompt" and click on "Run as Administrator". 4.Type "sfc /scannow" [Notice space between sfc and /sca..] and hit enter. This will scan your PC for errors. Share results of this scan with us. Now an important question- Which antivirus are you using? Please come back with the results. Please mark replies as helpful/answer if they are.