To Lock a folder in windows XP without any software

To Lock a folder in windows XP without any software. Follow the steps Below.

  1. Make a Folder in C drive rename it as "abc" without quotes.
  2. Now open Command Prompt from Start Menu.
  3. Type "attrib +s +h C:\abc" without quotes and press enter.
  4. This command will Make your folder invisble and it can not be seen even in hidden files and folder
  5. To make it visible again type "attrib -s -h C:\abc"
  6. You can lock any other folder also by changing the location C:\abc to address of your folder.

Aircel Unlimited 3G Internet And Live Tv

Actually this is Aircel’s Official Offer.
In this offer if a user recharges with Rs 128 then Aircel will credit them with Aircel 1 month unlimited 3G Surfing and downloading.
That’s not all, Aircel also gives you 1 month live TV free.

Airtel Proxy Free GPRS Trick 27 July 2012

Hi Friends,
I Hope You Are Visiting Regularly For Latest Tricks.
Today I Am Back With Latest Airtel Proxy Trick,
With This Proxy You Can Use Gmail, Twitter, And ssl Sites Also.
You Just Need To Create New Configuration Setting In Your Mobile Or PC,
As Given Below.
Airtel Free GPRS Trick:-

  • Proxy:-
  • Port:- 80
  • Apn:-
  • Homepage:- Or Use Any Working In Your Area.

How To Hack A Twitter Account Password Using Phishing | Hack Twitter Easily

Good Morning to all. previously i have posted Free Download twitter Phishing page . today in this article i am going to  show you how to hack twitter account password using phishing page. i think now i am sure you know what is phishing and why it's  used for . so guys now follow the given below steps for do this.

1. First of all download Twitter Phisher

How To Hack A Gmail Account Using Phishing | Hack Email Account Using Phisher

Hello To all friends previously i have posted How to hack twitter account using phishing page . today in this article i am going to show you how to hack a gmail account using the same method  now i am sure you know what is phishing .

Also Read if anyone don't know What is phishing ?

So Guys follow the given below steps for hack gmail account.

1. First You need to download gmail phisher

 Click Here For Download

OperaMini Free Airtel Gprs Tricks April 2012

Hello To All Friends After My Super Popular Trick

Optimizing Internet Connection Using Internet Cyclone - Increase Internet Speed in Windows

. Our Team Will Tell You About Free Gprs Trick April 2012 on Airtel . I am give you Free Airtel Gprs Tricks . How To Hack Airtel Gprs Using OperaMini ? Ok Let's Follow Some Few Steps For Do This .

how to send photo in chat box in facebook

              we all do chating in facebook but we don't know that how to send a photo from chat box . Today i am tell you that how we can do this . you have to follow these steps for this task:-

Step 1:  log in facebook account.

Step 2: open this site..
             direct link is click  
                           you will get many picture code over here.
Step 3:choose any picture
Step 4:copy the code and send it.

Free Vodafone Internet In High Speed - 2G And 3G Hack

Today I am going to share vodafone free trick For March 2012 . When you will try this trick then you will get 6 GB Free Internet Data For Minimum 6 Months . This Latest Trick Already Tested before published in Rajasthan . Let's Follow Below Step For Hack Vodafone Gprs .

Trick To View Facebook Photos in Full Screen Mode - Facebook Tricks And Tips

 One Month Ago Facebook Came Up With Photo Viewer . In Revamped Photo Viewer , All Comments , Likes , Tags Were in The Right Side Bar And Photo Was in Left Side . Now Facebook Has Published Out New Photo Viewer . Which Allows Users to View Facebook Photos in Full Screen Mode .

Trick To View Facebook Photos in Full Screen Mode - Facebook Tricks And Tips


Optimizing Internet Connection Using Internet Cyclone - Increase Internet Speed in Windows

 Internet Cyclone Is a powerful Internet tool for Windows 7, 9x, NT, 2000, 2003 and XP created to modify your Windows registry settings in order to speed up internet connection Speed up to 200%.

 Missed your favorite TV show episode? You do not have to worry now as you can watch any of your favoriteTV shows online. Yes! If you have missed an episode of your favorite TV show or wants to get updated with the latest happenings, you just have to follow the amazing sites listed below to watch them online and make your life easy and fun. Here are the 5 best sites to watch TV online, to watch your favorite TV shows, videos, movies, news, documentaries etc.

Get free Mobile Recharge With EmbeePay Facebook Application

Wondering whether its possible to get free mobile recharges? There are plenty of online services that offers such promotional schemes.Some of them are genuine while rest are just fooling people.Earlier I reviewedAmulyam Service for free Mobile recharges but it is bit difficult to accumulate credits into Amulyam account.

Earn money online

Hi! Friends after our many article to earn money online and get paid in the form of e-top or cheque. But now we are going to give you such a link by which you can earn and you’ll be paid simply without any fear. Just open the messages which are provided by the site and register whatever they ask and they will pay you for that. When any one is registering you under your referral link you will be paid 10 points extra. So, lets join such an interesting one.
Now, follow the following steps—

Click Here
Now one sign-up window will appear.
Fill the information which is asked by it

How to Send Anonymous SMS

Today we telling you
How to send sms without your number

This FREE Anonymous Text messaging service is perfect for the following reasons.
giving warnings to people
When you run out of credit
To save money by using a free service
It's quicker to type on a keyboard
leaving funny or prank anonymous text messages
anonymously informing the police about crime
anonymously informing the tax departments about tax cheaters and offenders

Tata Docomo Free SMS Trick January 2012

Hii friends, we would like to share with you the latest working hack for free sms for people using tata docomo. Its been long time that any tata docomo free sms trick is working, but this tata docomo free sms trick works for 100%


What you have to do :

How To Create Your Own Online Free Sms Bomber With Firefox

Hello Frindz today i will teach you about how to create your personal sms bomber and flood victim’s mobile with lots of sms’ can create your personal sms bomber in just 8 easy steps-

1.first of all you need moziilla firefox browser download and install it.

How To Increase Windows-XP Shutdown Speed Easily

Follow the Below steps as given below-

1)First You Go to Start then select Run

2) Type 'Regedit' and click ok

3) Find 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\'

How To Check Mobile Balance of Your Friends | Check Friends Balance From Any Mobile Phone | Latest Mobile Tips And Tricks

With this Tips you can check the mobile balance of your Friends in Airtel, Docomo, Idea and Bsnl .
Just Dial below Given Number for Checking you Friends Balance :

Airtel – 09810198101
Docomo – 09040012345 or 07737012345
Idea – 09824012345

Bsnl – 9415100123 (only for up) .

How To Update Facebook Status In Blue Text | Latest FaceBook Magic Tricks

  • Facebook Blue text status update is an extension of magic trick.It uses the same concept of Profile ID’s.However the only limitation of Blue colored status tips is that you status will be in the form of link and it will point to the the profile ID used in the status.
    If you have changed your profile id into username then you can find it by clicking here.

How To Hide Any Drive in Windows

Most of you must have wondered if there exists a way without using software to Hide A Drive completely so that it cannot be viewed or accessed without unlocking it. so, here is a easiest method to hide drive simple 4 steps.

Follow The Steps For Do This..

1. Goto run type “gpedit.msc” (without quotes)

How To Change Computer Processor Name In Windows 7 Using Windows Registry By Dailyhackingtips

Hello to all friends today i am going to post about how can you change processor name in your own pc or laptop.
you can use this tips if you want to make fool someone that thinks your computer is a Pentium 4, but when your computer is a pentium 2 or 3.. so guys follow the steps for do this ..

How To Create Desktop Shortcut for Safety Remove Hardware | Windows Hacking Tricks And Tips

Hello To All friends after my post How To Hide any folder in nokia Phone without using any software Now i am going to show you how can you make a desktop shortcut for safety remove hardware. follow the given below steps for do this ..

1. First You Right Click on your desktop and Click on New and Click on Shortcut from the list.

Hacking Trick To View Saved Password in Mozilla Firefox | Browser Tricks

We know that many times it's happen that you store a password in your pc and when next time you need to type that password again to use somewhere don't remember it.Instead of asking for a new password you can simply find out your old password in Your browsers.
Just Follow The give below steps for do this.

How To Access Internet Without Any Browser | Surfing The Internet Without Browser

Hello to all friends . today night i am going to show you how to access internet without Any browser in windows Just follow the given below steps for do this.

1. First Open Calculator START/Program files/Accessories/Calculator or press windows+R And Type calc in
The Run Box then click on ok button.

What Is Spyware And Adware | The Baisc Knowledge About Spyware & Adware

  • What is Spyware and Adware?

    Spyware and Adware is software made by publishers that allow them to snoop on your browsing activity, invade your privacy, and flood you with those horrible popups. If you are like most users on the internet, chances are you are probably infected with these applications. That is why we have designed our revolutionary product.

How To Get Email Id Of Your All Facebook Friends | Find Hidden Email On Facebook

Hello To All friends Today i am going to show you how can you get hidden email ids of your all facebook friends.

Just follow the given steps for do this.

Windows 7 Cheat Sheet | Keyboard Shortcuts | Hotkeys | Reference | Windows Tricks

Just moments ago, I finished creating a Windows 7 reference card or cheat sheet (whichever you prefer), which includes various hotkeys/shortcuts

From Desktop

Windows Key + Tab : Aero
[press Tab to cycle between

Windows Key + E : Windows Explorer is launched.

How To Make Computer Faster Using Notepad | Make A Super Slow PC Faster | Speed Up PC Hacking Trick

Hello Friend . there are best way to make your computer faster again i am going to share A Trick to you.. Below are steps that i suggest you should implement to make your pc faster as well as making it safe from threats

1. First You go to notepad

2. Then write this in mystring=(80000000) without asterisk

3. Now Save it on your desktop and name it ram.vbe. Now You close notepad and double click on ram.vbe nothing will open but your computer will get faster

That's it :)                                             

That's it :)

How To Uninstall Any Software Or Progam Within A Single Click | Shortcut Control Panel | Free Download Menu Uninstaller | Remover

Hello to all . i hope you all are fine today i am come with a new trick which is quite amazing trick that help us to uninstall any program or software within a single click from your own pc . we know that always we uninstall all the programs and applications by going to control panel.
but guys this is not a trick just it's very amazing software that helps us to save our time . this software

How To Know Your Ip Address Using Google Search Engine - Google Tips And Tricks - Find Internet Protocol Address

Hello To All friends. Now you can know what is your ip address from google search engine. google launched this serivce recently.

in order to displey your own ip address. just search in google as

How To Make Firefox Browser Look Like Google Chrome- Firefox And Google Chrome Tips And Tricks - ChromiFox Basic - Extreme

Hello To All Friends Today i am going to show you browser look like google chrome .

So Now you interested in tweaking your firfox browser looking like as google chrome . then you follow the below url links and install the add-ons.

How To Insert Image in Gmail - Upload Your Photo in Gmail Account - Gmail Tips And Tricks

Hello to all friends today i am showing to you how can you upload or insert picture in your own gmail account so guys just follow some steps for do this.

Free Download Latest Version Mobile Or Cell phone Hacking Software 2012 How To Hack Mobile Phone Easily By Software

This software are very efficient and will help you in hacking any Bluetooth enabled device without any prior knowledge of user. if it is being used in illegal ways. Previously hacking was restricted to computers or computer networks only but as the time changed this field has grown up and now mobile phones, especially the multimedia phones are more prone to hacking. In this post I have outlined only Bluetooth Hacking

Hacking Tips To Use Mobile Number Portability (MNP) In India

Mobile Number Portability has already been launched all over India.Now the customers have more freedom and operators have more competition.For those who are unaware about MNP let me give them a brief introduction.
Mobile Number portability allows the customers to change their operator without changing there mobile number.This feature was first rolled in haryana and now it has been rolled all over India.

How To Reset Memory card Password In Nokia | Free Download X-plore application For Nokia Cell Phone 2012

If you have a symbian phone and you have forgotten your memory card then you can easily get your password by using this simple trick.This trick works only on nokia symbian phones not on the java phones.Before starting the tutorial on “Tricks To Reset Memory card Password In Nokia” Here are the the requirements

How To Hide Any Folders In Nokia/Java Phone Without Using Any Software By Dailyhackingtips | Secure Your Personal Data in Ur Mobile Phone

you know that sometimes we have some personal data in ur mobile phone. and we want secure all personal data in mobile without using any software. so today m sharing a very useful guys follow the given below steps for do this.

Requirment - Your mobile phone should support Java Which Almost all Mobile Phone Support.

How To Install Windows 7 On MacBook Pro Using Boot Camp - Windows Tips And Tricks - Windows 7 Installation Step By Step

Hello To All Friends Today i am going to show you how can you install windows 7 on Macbook Pro Using Boot Camp. First You Need To Some Requirements For Install Windows 7 .

Get free domain name and hosting of website completly free.

Hello friends...
Now you can get free domain name and hosting of website free of cost. This is provide by goo

Google is providing free hosting for one year for small business. This is best option to get free domain name of .IN . Google is also providing best server.

So for get this oppertinuty please go go google and get free domain name and hosting.

Remove Window 7 Genuine notification completely

how can you remove windows 7 Genuine Notifications . so today guys i am give you a amazing software which help you remove this notifications .

So guys first you download this software known as removewat

Open Wikkipedia without net connection in PC

To access wikipedia in without internet connection . this software knows as pocket wikipedia.

Pocket wikipedia is small application tool which helps you to access wikipedia in offline mode or without internet connection

Airtel free internet hacking in 3G with proxy

This trick is working with Resume support with downloads and with YouTube, Facebook too. You can download by very fast speed also.This trick is working with 2G and 3G both.

So just use it and enjoy super fast 3G speed for free.